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sex after fitness   7/4/2017

the best sex i ever had was with a girl i met at the gym.. we worked out together and were getting turned on watching eachother. she dragged me into the changing room and into a washroom stall.. i sa

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Mature Woman over 55   6/22/2017

i'm looking to meet older sexy woman 55 and over.. Woman that are a guy's fantasy come true... Just NSA wild crazy fun... I know there are some of you out there but can't seem to find them.. Looking

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Where to start..   6/22/2017

How do you introduce swinging with your partner without them getting mad at you ? I tried before and it wasn't accepted to well.. Any ideas ?

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what's your's   6/11/2017

what do woman fantasize about when they masturebate ?

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what to do..   6/11/2017

what is a good gift to bring your girl on a first date?

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what to do..   6/10/2017

what's the ideal thing to do on a first date to make sure you get a second date ?

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fighting   6/4/2017

why is it when your girlfriend drinks to much she always brings up things thhat you have done in the past ?

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HOW>>>   5/21/2017

What's the best way to introduce swinging into a relationship ?

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WOMAN & bJ'S   5/21/2017

Why is it so hard to get a woman to give a guy a nice relaxing blow job? they don't mind recieving ...

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easy way....   5/21/2017

What do you guy's find/ think is the best way to break up with a girl WITHOUT hurting her ? It's hard....

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squirting   5/13/2017

how do you make a woman squirt ?

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hurts   5/13/2017

it is such a bad feeling when you lose someone you love.

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drinks or coffee   5/13/2017

is it better to meet for drinks or go for a coffee on a first date ?

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milf   5/13/2017

how and where are the best places to meet a milf ?

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younger male older woman   5/13/2017

how do you tell an older woman that you think she is attractive ?

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